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About Trailblazers

If you have not heard about Trailblazers you have not heard about having fun!

Traiblazers competition structure gives you the opportunity to compete at the level you feel comfortable with without having to worry about an expensive joining fee. Sounds good?

To make it even better you could test the water (or your boots!) in 5 different disciplines to decide which one is your favorite before you concentrate all your efforts in just one!

From Ponies to RoR you can develop "nerves of steel" to enter Trailblazers Championship all year round, in approximately 60 centers spread all over the country.

Why is Horse Monkey a fan of Trailblazers?

Because we love having fun with horses and competing as many times as you want with the option to qualify for a Championship just sounds perfect!

Can life get any better? Mmmm thinking about it, it can! Life is more fun playing with friends, so why not find a center near you and have a go!


Combined TrainingDressage
RoRShow Jumping

Trailblazers shout out

Horse Monkey brings to the Equine Industry an innovative approach to communication. We have found the concept of “all inclusive” very interesting from its conception and believe it is going to become an invaluable tool to the industry.

We are excited to be part of the development of Horse Monkey from the start and believe that this platform is going to benefit Trailblazers by allowing us to reach a wider audience. Trailblazer offers a cost effective entry route to taste the thrill of competing to riders of all levels.

We will recommend to all our centers the opportunities Horse Monkey offers and encourage them to promote their events through this platform.



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Dairy House Farm Livery See event details

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